NAVX Software

NAVX is a sophisticated aircraft flight planning program which is updated every two months to include current FAA airport, fix, and route information. The software includes sample aircraft performance files for several models of general aviation and corporate aircraft. Winds aloft information may be automatically downloaded from current NOAA data.  For assistance with installation and use of the program a mailing and discussion list is available.  Click here for information.

The current version of NAVX is Version 3.3.121 -- now known as NAVX 2008.  Check out the README for changes in this release.  It is for Windows 95 and later.  It is available by downloading and running SETUP.EXE.

Current database: FAA NFDC effective July 31, 2008 plus some Caribbean routes.

Installation, distribution and use of NAVX is governed by a license agreement that is included as part of the installation.  All data in the NAVX database is the unedited data from the FAA NFDC and no individual or entity accepts any responsibility or liability for its accuracy or completeness or for any consequences of its use. This data should be used for planning purposes only and under no circumstances should it be used for navigation.  Downloading of these files constitutes knowledge and acceptance of these terms and conditions.

You can also lookup items in the NAVX database or do flight planning on-line!