Summer in Taos

When we speak with friends about Taos, they invariably ask us about the hot summers. Much of the U.S. seems to believe that all of New Mexico is a desert region with scorching summer temperatures.

Of course, those of us who know Taos know this to be false.  Northern New Mexico is much more temperate.  High temperatures rarely exceed ninety Fahrenheit and the dry climate makes the heat much easier to take. At our home, in the foothills above Valdez, a more typical high would be eighty-five, with nights in the low fifties.

Summer is all the more interesting because of the variety of activities available.

Picture of river-running in the Taos Box on the Rio Grande This picture shows a raft with an oarsman and five passengers in the last of the rapids in the Taos Box -- which is a class four white-water run on the Rio Grande between the John Dunn Bridge north of Taos and the Taos Junction just north of Pilar and south of Taos. This particular picture was shot on July 4th, 1995 when the river was running 6,250 cfm at the Bridge -- an unusually high level. If you look closely you can see the three passengers in the front -- but just their hats -- and one in back.
Ballooning in and over the Rio Grande Gorge is a fantastic way to spend a summer morning.  More...

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